Horizontal Reactors

Stirring biomass is not easy to do in a vertical reactor. A line of reactors has been developed by Parr Instrument Company to function horizontally.

Horizontal reactors enable researchers to mix bio feed stock and other cellulosic materials such as:

  • straw
  • corn stover
  • sugar cane
  • grasses
  • plants
  • wood pulp
  • wood chips
  • fibers

In the horizontal position, the internal stirrers tumble the material rather than try to stir it with a standard vertical stirrer. These custom reactors are secured vertically for loading and then safely tilted horizontally for stirring. They can also be designed to be operated in both a horizontal and vertical position.

One liter horizontal reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers.The one liter reactor pictured at the left can be stirred vertically or horizontally. The heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers are used. Another option would be to add a tilt mechanism to the cylinder for discharge.

The 4578 Pressure Reaction System shown at center left is a 1.8L, fixed head reactor mounted on a floor stand and is rated for temperatures up to 500 °C with a maximum pressure of 5000 psig.  The system was designed to operate in either the vertical or horizontal position.

Horizontal Reactor Floor StandThe horizontal function is also available on our large capacity reactor systems. The reactor shown on the left has a five gallon capacity and is used for stirring vertically or horizontally. Pneumatic controls on the left can tilt the system upright to open the bottom drain valve. The product is filtered and collected in the lower heated sample collection vessel. This system is used for producing synthetic fabric from biomass as an alternative to a petroleum-based process.