Design Features

Parr offers a wide choice of design options to meet the users’ individual installation or operating requirements. For users with multiple feed, vent and instrumentation needs, we offer a Fixed Head Design. The moveable vessel is offered to users who wish to charge or recover reactants and products away from the operating area. We offer quick-opening, O-ring sealed vessels for users looking for convenience at moderate operating temperatures and PTFE or Graphoil gaskets for users requiring higher operating temperatures.

Magnetically coupled stirrer drives are offered in high and low speed designs in four operating torque ranges. Heaters range from electric to circulatory jackets. Temperature controllers are available to fully integrate the process controller or as simple controls. Available accessories include internal cooling coils, bottom drain valves, condensers, custom stirrers, explosion proof components, liquid gas filling and mon­­itoring systems and many more.

There are many other options and accessories to turn a stirred reactor into a pressure reaction system. Although we offer many choices it is the user who must decide which choices are suitable for their application.

Materials of Construction

Pressure and Temperature Limits

Design Codes & Certification

Magnetic Drives

Split-Ring Closures

Gaskets & Seals

Mounting Styles


These reactors are used in many branches of chemical technology. Catalytic Hydrogenation with its associated catalyst development and testing is certainly one of the principal applications of these reactors with their excellent three phase mixing designs. Polymer development is another major area of application. Additionally, the vessels have been used extensively in hydrometallurgical applications.