Series 4570 HP/HT Reactors, 250-1800 mL

High Pressure/
High Temperature

Bench Top,
Floor Stand or
Moveable Cart

Mounting Style:
Moveable or Fixed Head

Vessel Sizes, mL:

Standard Pressure
MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
5000 (345)

Standard Maximum
Operating Temp. ºC:
500 w/FG Flat Gasket

Parr offers a number of different reactors in the 4570 Series in a variety of sizes and with different mountings for operating pressures to 5000 psi (345 bar) and temperatures to 500 °C. Temperatures of up to 550 °C can be achieved by constructing the split ring of an alternate material.

4571 – 4572 Reactors
These are 1000 and 1800 mL moveable head reactors mounted in moveable carts.

4577 – 4578 Reactors
These are 1000 and 1800 mL fixed head reactors mounted on a floor stand with pneumatic lift.

4575 – 4576A Reactors
These are 500 and 250 mL bench top reactors with 5000 psi (345 bar) and 500 °C ratings. They are available as either moveable or fixed head vessels.

All of these reactors have been designed with suitable valves, fittings and modifications to the vessel itself to operate at the higher temperature and pressure ratings.

Flat, flexible graphite (FG) gaskets are used for temperatures in the higher range to 500 °C. These can be replaced with PTFE gaskets for procedures in which the temperature will not exceed 350 °C.

Bench Top Floor Stand Cart
The Series 4570 High Temperature/High Pressure Reactors come in three configurations, from left to right: Bench Top (250 & 500 mL only), Floor Stand, and Cart.