Removable, open top, cylindrical liners made either of borosilicate glass or PTFE can be furnished to fit most Parr reactors and general purpose vessels. These liners slide into the cylinder and require no additional fittings, but they may not coordinate with some alternate accessories and stirrers. Although they will not keep corrosive vapors from reaching the surfaces of the cylinder and head, they make it much easier to add and remove liquid reactants, and they give some protection to the cylinder when working with corrosive solutions. It must be noted, however, that adding a PTFE liner will slow the heat transfer rate into and out of the vessel, and it may be necessary to adjust the temperature control method to prevent overheating.

Fits ID, in Fits Cylinder Size, mL Glass Liner Part No. PTFE Liner Part No.
1.3 50 1431HC 1431HCHA
1.3 100 1431HC2 1431HC2HA
1.5 125 2920HC2 2920HC4HA
1.5 200 2920HC3 2920HC3HA
1.5 75 2920HC 2920HC2HA
2-1/2 250 762HC10 NA
2-1/2 500 762HC2 762HC11HA
2-1/2 300 762HC 762HC4HA
2-1/2 450 762HC2 762HC5HA
2-1/2 600 762HC3 762HC6HA
2 100 762HC7 762HC7HA
2-1/2 160 762HC8 762HC8HA
3-1/4 600 2312HC 2312HC3HA
3-1/4 1200 2312HC2 2312HC4
3-3/4 1000 1441HC 1441HCHA
3-3/4 1800 1442HC 1442HCHA
4 1000 398HC 398HCHA
4 2000 399HC 399HCHA
6 1 Gallon 894HC 894HC4HA
6 2 Gallon 894HC2 894HC5HA

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