Mass Flow

Parr Instrument Company can provide mass flow meters or controllers for quantitative mass flow based analysis.  Mass flow controllers are mass flow meters that incorporate an integral control valve, external valve, or feed pump to control the fluid flow.  Mass flow controllers are typically used in automated or semi-automated systems.  Due to many application and calibration specific requirements, please contact Parr Instrument Company for technical assistance with mass flow meters or controllers.

Parr offers multiple, price driven, electronic interface devices for mass flow meters and controllers.  The Parr A2200E Mass Flow Meter/Controller interface system offers a manually operated readout and/or set point module for up to four mass flow meters/controllers.  When the A2200E is used with a mass flow controller, a manually operated back pressure regulator is required.  The Parr 4871 Process Controller offers remote set point, readout, data logging, totalizing, gas mixing, and process related interfaces with these mass flow devices.  Other intermediate interfaces can be provided.

We'll help you configure a system that meets all of your research needs.