Spare Parts Kit

Each stirred reactor is furnished with a set of spare parts and fittings including a 6-foot gas supply hose, head gaskets, rupture discs, and a set of replacement parts for the stirrer drive.

A reserve supply of spare parts can be ordered from Parr Technical Service to provide sufficient parts and tools to handle most normal replacements and emergency repairs during the first year of heavy usage. These kits include replacement gaskets, O-rings, rupture discs, drive belts and seals. These kits are a convenient package of the small perishable items required for normal maintenance of the reactor.

When ordering any kit for an existing reactor please specify the preferred gasket/seal material, the range of the rupture disc, material of the reactor and the length of the drive belt.

Spare Parts Kits for Reactors
Part No. Reactor Series
4509M 4520 Series General Purpose
4539M 4530 Series General Purpose
4539MA 4530 Series Heavy Duty
4549MA 4544-4547 HP Bench Top
4549MB 4544A-4547A HP Floor Stand, 4544C, 4546C HP Moveable Cart
4559M 4550 Series Reactor Systems
4559PCM 4555 & 4557 20 L Reactor Systems
4559PDM 4556 & 4558 10 L Reactor Systems
4569M 4560 Series Mini Reactors
4569HT 4560 Series Mini Reactors
4579B 4571, 4572, 4577, 4578 1000 – 1800 mL
4579D 4575B, 4576B, 4575A, 4576A 250 – 500 mL
4589B 4581, 4582, 4583, 4584 3750 – 5500 mL
4599 4590 Series Micro Reactors
4599HPHT 4590 Series Micro Reactors
5009 5000 MRS Series
5109M Models 5101, 5102, 5103, 5104  160 – 600 mL
5119M Models 5111 and 5112 1000 & 1500 mL
5529SPK 5500 Series HP Compact

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