Series 4540 High Pressure Reactors, 600 & 1200 mL

High Pressure

Bench Top, Floor Stand, or Cart

Mounting Style:
Moveable or Fixed Head

Vessel Sizes, mL:
600 and 1200

High Pressure (HP) MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
5000 (345)

Standard Maximum Operating Temperature, °C:
350 w/PTFE Flat Gasket

This series of stirred reactors has been designed for users who need higher operating pressures than the 1900 to 2900 psi offered by the General Purpose Reactors, but do not require the high operating temperatures provided by the Series 4570 High Pressure, High Temperature Reactors. The 4540 series reactors offer working pressures to 5000 psi (345 bar) at temperatures to 350 °C.

These vessels have been designed with outside dimensions comparable to the Series 4520 and 4530 Reactors so that they can use the same support system, stirrer drive and heater as these popular general purpose models. This provides not only an attractively priced, high pressure/moderate temperature system, but also reactors that can be interchanged with the 1 and 2 liter sizes. The thicker walls required for higher operating pressures reduce the volumes of these reactors to 600 and 1200 mL.

These reactors can be used in either the bench top or floor stand mountings. While the 1200 mL reactor is offered as a fixed head bench top model; it is too tall and too heavy to be handled comfortably on a standard height bench top. It is recommended that the floor stand support option should be selected unless the user has an adjustable bench top which will accommodate the overall height of the 1200 mL systems.