Series 4550 Floor Stand Reactors, 1 & 2 Gallons

General Purpose

Floor Stand or Cart

Mounting Style:
Moveable or Fixed Head

Vessel Sizes, Gallons (Liters):
1 (3.75) and 2 (7.99)

Standard Pressure
MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
1900 (131)

Standard Maximum
Operating Temp. ºC:
225 w/ FKM O-ring
300 w/ FFKM O-ring
350 w/ PTFE Flat Gasket

These 4550 Reactors extend the size range of the 4530 Series to 1 and 2 gallon (3.75 and 7.99 liter) sizes, providing excellent options for pilot plant studies.

These reactors are available with an FKM O-ring seal for operating temperatures to 225 °C, and FFKM O-ring for temperatures to 300 °C, or with a flat, PTFE gasket for operating temperatures up to 350 °C maximum.

Both fixed head and moveable head designs are available. The moveable head, Model 4551 and 4552, cart reactors are designed so that they can be opened or closed conveniently without removing the cylinder from the heater and without auxiliary handling equipment. The split-ring sections can be moved into place from the sides, and the cap screws can be tightened with the vessel in place in its heater. The fixed head versions, Model 4553 and 4554, allow the head (and the connections made to it) to remain in place while the cylinder and heater are lowered with the aid of the included pneumatic lift system.

The 1 gallon size is usually recommended for high viscosity polymer studies. An optional bottom drain valve may be added for convenient product recovery. As with the smaller floor stand models, these larger, self- contained systems can be equipped with a variety of attachments, such as: condensers, solids charging port, bottom drain, special motors, custom heaters, jacketed vessels and automatic valves and regulators. Because of the higher wattage heaters for these reactors, all models in the 4550 Series require a 230 volt power supply.