Series 4555 Floor Stand Reactors, 10-30 L

General Purpose

Floor Stand

Mounting Style:
Moveable or Fixed Head

Vessel Sizes, Liters (Gallons):
10 (2.6)
18.75 (5)
30 (7.9)

Standard Pressure
MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
1900 (131)

Standard Maximum
Operating Temp. ºC:
225 w/ FKM O-ring
300 w/ FFKM O-ring
350 w/ PTFE Flat Gasket

The 4555 Series of reactors includes models with volumes between 10 and 30 liters, perfect for a first scale-up step from smaller laboratory scale equipment, but before the step to Parr’s Series 8500 Pilot Scale Reactors (50L & 100L).

These reactors are available with an FKM O-ring seal for operating temperatures to 225 °C, and FFKM O-ring for temperatures to 300 °C, or with a flat, PTFE gasket for operating temperatures up to 350 °C maximum.

Models 4555 – 4558 are offered in either the moveable or fixed head design. Model 4559 comes with the fixed head offering only. In the moveable head design, the vessel is held in a support system which minimizes the physical effort required to handle these heavy components. The hoist is attached to a support column which provides a convenient means for lifting the head and cylinder out of the stand. These components may be transferred to the holding position on the right side of the stand. Vessels equipped with a bottom drain valve will probably remain in the heater most of the time, but can be lifted out when necessary.

The fixed head support stand features hinged split-rings that swing to either side allowing the head to remain fixed to the stand while a pneumatic lift allows the cylinder to be raised and lowered. When lowered, the cylinder can be slid forward for cleaning and servicing.

These reactors are generally used for pilot plant or for custom chemical production purposes, usually with a variety of attachments added to the basic units. Various heaters, larger motors, higher torque magnetic stirrer drives and remote controls appropriate to the size of these reactors have been designed and are available.

Modified versions of these units are available with higher working pressures and temperatures.