Series 4560 Mini Reactors, 100-600 mL

Series Number:


Bench Top

Mounting Style:
Moveable or
Fixed Head

Sizes, mL:
100 – 600

Standard Temperature
MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
3000 (200)

High Temperature (HT)
MAWP Rating, psi (bar):
2000 (138)

Standard Maximum
Operating Temp., °C:
225 w/ FKM O-ring
300 w/ FFKM O-ring
350 w/ PTFE Flat Gasket

High Temperature (HT)psi (bar):
Maximum Operating
Temperature, °C:
500 w/ FG Flat Gasket

These are the most popular of all Parr Stirred Reactors. Although they are called “Mini” reactors, they offer a range of sizes large enough to work with significant sample sizes, yet small enough to be handled with ease by all operators.

They are made in both fixed head and moveable vessel styles and are available with an FKM O-ring seal for operating temperatures to 225 °C, and FFKM O-ring for temperatures to 300 °C, or with a flat, PTFE gasket for operating temperatures up to 350 °C maximum.

Choosing the high temperature option (HT) boosts the maximum temperature to 500 °C, but de-rates the MAWP to 2000 psi (138 bar). Standard Mini reactors can be converted to high temperature reactors (500 °C max temperature and 2000 psi MAWP) by changing the head assembly (contains cone connections, high temperature valves, and graphoil gasket) replacing the heater with a ceramic fiber heater and replacing the split ring. Contact Parr Instrument Company for details.

Although internal and external space is limited in these small vessels, gas entrainment impellers, catalyst baskets, condensers and other options are available. All reactors in this series can also be easily converted from one size to another by simply substituting a longer or shorter cylinder with the corresponding internal fittings and heaters.

The support system for these Mini Reactors is designed specifically to provide stability at stirring speeds up to 1700 rpm, in a compact mounting small enough to fit into a laboratory hood. The support system can also be adapted to accept any of the smaller vessels from the 4590 Micro Reactor Series.