Series 4560 Mini Reactors, 100-600 mL Specifications

Series 4560 Pressure Reactor System Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number 456145624563456445654566456745684566B4566C
Approximate Volumes, mL300450600160100300450600160100
Maximum Pressure (MAWP)3000 psi (207 bar, 200 bar for CE orders)
Maximum Pressure for HT (MAWP)2000 psi (138 bar)
Maximum Temperature
   with FKM O-ring225 °C
   with FFKM O-ring300 °C
   with PTFE Flat Gasket350 °C
   with Flexible Graphite Flat Gasket (HT)500 °CNA500 °CNA
Reactor Details
Mounting StyleMoveableFixed Head
Stand TypeBench Top
ClosureSplit-Ring (6 Compression Bolts for Flat Gasket, no Compression Bolts for O-ring)
Valve Connections1/8″ NPT Male
Magnetic Drive, Model No.A1120HC6
   Maximum Torque16 Inch-Pounds
Impeller(s), 4-Blade, 1.38″ dia.1121111211
Stirrer Motor1/8 hp variable speed
Pressure Gage, Size3.5 inches
   Range, Standard Temperature0-3000 psi (207 bar)
   Range, High Temperature0-2000 psi (138 bar)
Temperature MeasurementFixed Thermocouple (Thermowell for special alloys)
Cooling CoilIncludedNot IncludedIncludedNot Included
   StyleSingle Loop (optional Serpentine Style)
Bottom Drain Valve (BDV) (optional)1/4″ NPT (Not available on HT Models.)
Heater StyleMantleClamp-onMantleClamp-on
   Heater Power, Watts510590780525510590780525
Heater Style, w/HT OptionCeramic FiberN/ACeramic FiberN/A
   Heater Power, Watts80080011008008001100
Electrical Supply
Volts, AC 115 / 230
Maximum Load, amps, 115 / 230 10 / 5 (14 / 7 High Temperature)
Cylinder Dimensions*
I.D. x Depth, inches2.5×4.02.5×6.02.5×8.02.5×2.02.1×2.02.5×4.02.5×6.02.5×8.02.5×2.02.1×2.0
Vessel Assembly Weight, pounds17212117181821221819
Cylinder Weight, pounds3.
Reactor/Stand Dimensions*
Width x Depth, inches w/o Controller12 x 18
Height, inches28323628282832362828
Weight, pounds60636660606265686060
Spare Parts Kit 4569M (4569HT for High Temperature)

*Weights and dimensions are estimated from the base model.
Final weights and dimensions will vary based on options selected.

Other options available. See Ordering Guide or call for more information.