Series 4590 Micro Stirred Reactors, 25-100 mL Accessories

Series 4590 Accessories

Parr reactors and pressure vessels are offered with a number of options and accessories which permit the user to configure the system to their reactions and intended operating conditions. Details on these options are listed below:

4878 Automated Liquid Sampler
Catalyst Addition Devices
Catalyst Baskets
Catalyst Loading Toolkit
Catalyst Testing System
Coned Pressure Fittings
Continuous Bulk-Solids Feeder
Cooling Coils
Equipment for Use in Potentially Ignitable Atmospheres
External Valves and Fittings
Gas Measurement Systems
--Intermediate Supply Tanks
--Mass Flow
--High Pressure Gas Burettes
Insulated Electrical Glands
Liquids Charging Systems
--Liquid Metering Pumps
--Liquid Charging Pipettes
Magnetic Drives
Motors and Drives
Pressure Gages
Pressure Hose
Safety Rupture Discs
Sample Collection Vessel
Service Fixtures
Solids/Slurry Addition Devices
Spare Parts Kits
Split-Ring Closures
--Stirrer Options
--Gas Entrainment Impellers
Temperature Limits
Valves and Fittings
--Bottom Drain Valves
--Manual Control Valves for Compressed Gas Tanks
--Pressure Relief Valves
--Safety Check Valves