5400 Continuous Flow Tubular Reactors RFQ

Series 5400 Request for Quotation

Click on the selections below to develop a composite identification number which may be used to request a quote for a 5400 Series Reactor.

Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

ABase Model
Model No. Size (OD / ID)
5401 3/8 in. (0.38″ / 0.28″)
5402 1/2 in. (0.50″ / 0.37″)
5403 1.0 in. (1.5″ / 0.99″)
5404 1.5 in. (1.88″ / 1.44″)
-F Floor Stand mounting
-B Bench Top mounting
BMaterials of Construction
-SS T316 Stainless Steel
-MO Alloy 400
-IN Alloy 600
-HB Alloy B-2/B-3
-HC Alloy C-276
-CS Alloy 20
-TI2 Titanium Grade 2
-TI4 Titanium Grade 4
-ZR702 Zirconium Grade 702
-ZR705 Zirconium Grade 705
See Materials of Construction for other available alloys.
CElectrical Supply
-115 115 VAC
-230 230 VAC
DHeater Options
-ST1(#) Split Tube, 1-Zone
-ST3(#) Split Tube, 3-Zone
-FM(#) Flexible Mantle
-WJ(#) Welded Jacket
Add suffix for heated length in inches.
-(6) 6 inches
-(12) 12 inches
-(24) 24 inches
-(36) 36 inches
EMaximum System Pressure
-1500 1500 psi / 103 bar
-3000 3000 psi / 207 bar, 200 bar for CE/UKCA
-4500 4500 psi / 310 bar
-PCC PC-based Process Control (4871-style)
-LCS Local Control System (4838-style)
GCustom Options (List All Desired)
-GF(#) Number of Gas Feeds: (1) (2) (3) (TBD)
-PL Purge Gas Feed Line
-LF(#) Number of Liquid Feeds: (1) (2) (3) (TBD)
-ISP Internal Pre-heat Spiral (5403/5404 only)
-CSS Catalyst Support Spools
– CLT Catalyst Loading Toolkit including: packing rod, corkscrew tool, multiple spool pieces, thermocouple centering tool, and funnel.
-ITW Internal Thermowell, with Moveable T/C
-IZT Internal, 3-PT, Fixed T/C
-CCD Cooling Condenser
-GLS(#) Gas/Liquid Separator, Volume: (300) (600) (1000) (2000)
-SPH Separator Heater
-MPC Manual Pressure Control
-APC Automated Pressure Control*
-ASV(#) Automated Shut-off Valves (1-12)*
*Available only with 4871 Process Control
-No Symbol No Certification
-ASME ASME Certification
-PED PED Certification
-P Parr Certification

Please note that all options and combinations are not compatible with all models.

If you do not find the pressure, temperature, volume, or options you are looking for here, let us customize a system for you.