Reactors for Polymer Studies

Lab-Scale R&D Reactors 1L to 20L+

Parr reactors for polymer studies include both standard and custom designs in laboratory to mini-pilot plant sizes.

Polymerization, Depolymerization

High torque low speed drivetrains suitable for high viscosity polymers and slurries are available, as are bottom drain valves for convenient removal of hot reaction mixtures. Also available are condensers, packed columns, special motors, custom heaters, jacketed vessels, automated valve or regulators, and many other features.

Plastics Recycling, Pyrolysis, and More

Parr’s 5400 Tubular Reactor Systems offer an efficient and cost-effective way for researchers to meet their research requirements and specifications for continuous flow tubular reactor applications. Parr Tubular Reactors use continuous reactant feed, a variety of heating and product handling options, with automation and data collection options. Systems range in size from desktop to pilot plant.


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