Stirred Reactors for Biomass Applications

In the biomass world, process inputs include a wide range of organic objects: from sticks and intact sugarcane stalks to ground wood pulp to viscous suspensions of algae. Each of these starting materials can require unique chemistry and mixing techniques to be properly agitated. Parr's Stirred Reactors offer many features for biomass applications.

Horizontal Reactors

For some biomass applications a critical requirement is the complete wetting of the sample to eliminate dry spots in the biomass. One way to approach this application is through the use of a reactor that can be loaded vertically, but operated in the horizontal position so that the solid material can be “tumbled” rather than stirred in a traditional fashion. The system below shows two views of a one liter reactor on a cart that could be used in this manner.

One Liter Horizontal Stirred Reactor in its upright position.
One Liter Horizontal Stirred Reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor in its upright position.

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One liter horizontal reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers.
One liter horizontal reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers.

Vessel Loading

Loading variations may include initial loading of the sulfuric acid in the vertical position, closing of the vessel, and addition of ground biomass to the cylinder once the vessel has been horizontally oriented through an External Catalyst Addition Device. Or both solid and liquid might be loaded prior to closure of the vessel.

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External Catalyst Addition Devices
External Catalyst Addition Devices


Mixing configurations can also be customized to the user's needs. Some investigators have selected modified anchor stirrers similar to the one pictured in the photo gallery to the right. This agitator effectively tumbles high solids biomass mixtures to promote effective sample wetting.

Another alternative is a spiral stirrer pictured to the right. This stirrer is most typically used in the vertical orientation. Our stirrers may also be customized to meet your process specifications.

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