Quality Assurance

CertificationsParr Instrument Company has designed, installed and operates under a Quality Assurance Program which ensures that all aspects of the design, materials selection and procurement, manufacture, testing and certification of its pressure vessels are performed in accordance with accepted codes and practices. Currently this Quality Assurance Program has been certified to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 for Total Quality Procedures, ASME, CSA (Canadian Standards Association), and all applicable European Directives (CE) which include but not limited to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive), LVD (Low Voltage Directive), EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility), and Machinery Safety.


ISO_9001-2015 Certification ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Parr Instrument Company’s overall Quality Assurance System has been certified to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV SÜD. ISO 9001:2015 covers the overall quality assurance and management compliance aspects of Parr’s activities as opposed to the certification of an individual product.

PED Certification
Parr Instrument Company has implemented, operates and maintains a quality assurance system as described in the Pressure Equipment Directive Annex III, Module H/H1 for the scope of Design and Manufacture of Pressure Reactors and Assemblies for Laboratory Applications.

Parr Certification Parr Certification
If requested, Parr will furnish a signed certificate listing the materials of construction used in the manufacture of an individual reactor or pressure vessel, the pressure tests applied to that reactor, material certificates and reference layout drawings.

CSA Certification


CSA Certification
Where appropriate, Parr reactors and calorimeters are manufactured and certified to the electrical code established by the Canadian Standards Association. Identification of those units for which CSA Certification has been received will be provided upon request. The CSA logo is shown on the nameplate of each CSA certified unit.

CE Certification CE Certification
Where appropriate, Parr reactors and calorimeters will carry the CE Mark certifying compliance with all applicable European Community Directives.

Reactors & Pressure Vessels Quality Assurance

Design criteria specified in the ASME Code for Unfired Pressure vessels are closely observed in the manufacture and testing of all Parr pressure equipment. Cylinders for each reactor and pressure vessel of standard design are machined from solid, hot-rolled or forged bars of selected corrosion resistant alloys with no seams or welds in the vessel as potential sources of weakness or localized corrosion. Each individual cylinder is tested hydrostatically. For vessels bearing ASME Certification Mark with “U” Certification designator, the minimum hydrostatic test pressure is 1.3 times the rated working pressure corrected for temperature. For CE marked pressure vessels the minimum hydrostatic test pressure is the higher of 1.43 times the rated working pressure at room temperature or 1.25 times the rated working pressure corrected for temperature. Each complete reactor and vessel is tested with nitrogen to be sure that it is leak-free and operating properly.

Protection against equipment damage and possible personal injury in case of an accidental over-pressurization is provided by a safety rupture disc installed in the head of each reactor and in each gage block assembly. [A description of these safety rupture discs and rules to be observed in their selection and use are discussed here.]


ASME Certification



ASME Certification
Parr Instrument Company holds a Certificate of Authorization issued by the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors (NBBI) as an approved facility for manufacturing unfired pressure vessels. If required, any Parr reactor or pressure vessel can be Certified to the ASME BPVC, Section VIII, Division 1, which involves:

  1. Vessel inspection and tests by an Authorized Inspector of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  2. Issuance of Form U-1 or U-1A, “Manufacturer’s Data Report for Pressure Vessels”, which provides all relevant documentation of the finished vessel including certification of the chemical analysis and physical properties of materials used in the vessel.
  3. Application of the ASME Certification Mark with “U” Certification Designator to the vessel by the Inspector.
  4. Registration of the vessel with the National Board.

It should be noted that unless specifically requested, ASME certification provided by Parr will cover the vessel only and not the relief device. Parr can furnish certain relief devices with ASME certification upon request. Further details may be found here.

Parr is also certified under Section IX of the ASME Code for welding. Normally welding is done only to attach jackets or fittings to the primary vessel.

Parr Instrument Company is authorized to apply the "R" Symbol in accordance with the provisions of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for metallic repairs and/or alterations at its Moline, Illinois Headquarters.

Other National or Local Codes
Parr regularly works with other national, state or international authorities to obtain individual approval for specific vessels. Parr has obtained CRN Approval for pressure vessels in Canadian provinces. The internationally recognized Quality Assurance Program in place at Parr and the experience of the Parr engineering department in working with these authorities makes it possible to obtain these approvals with little difficulty. It is the user’s responsibility to identify any such applicable code so that these requirements can be met before the vessel is fabricated and delivered. Parr’s network of international distributors are familiar with the applicable codes for pressure vessels within their countries of responsibility.

Lloyds Register

Calorimeters & Oxygen Bombs Quality Assurance

Parr Instrument Company certifies that their calorimeters have satisfactorily passed all testing in accordance with the company’s Quality Assurance program. The test criteria and results are summarized in each individual test certificate.

Parr Instrument Company certifies that all vessels have been tested in accordance with ASTM E144, as required.

ISO 17034:2016 Certification
Parr Instrument Company has been certified to be in compliance with ISO 17034:2016 general requirements for the competence of reference material producers by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board). ISO 17034:2016 covers the production of Parr’s benzoic acid as a certified reference material.

Chinese Pattern Approval 6100, 6200, 6300
Chinese Pattern Approval 6400
Russian Pattern Approval