Technical Notes

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TN100 Precision and Accuracy - Assessing Your CalorimeterHow to determine the range of acceptable results for your calorimeter
TN101 Calibration of Oxygen Bomb CalorimetersProcedures for Standardization of Parr Oxygen Bomb Calorimeters
TN102 Standard Recommended PracticeFactory repair service and user maintenance guidelines
TN104 Combustion Calorimetry ApplicationsThere are six major applications for oxygen bomb calorimeters
TN105 Calorimeter Selection CriteriaFactors which influence the selection of a calorimeter
TN106 Explosives and PropellantsParr Dynamic Pressure Recording System monitors the pressure associated with fast decomposition
TN107 Parr Calorimeter Parts KitsOxygen Bomb Maintenance Kits, 1 Year Service Kits, & Calorimeter Spare Parts Kits


TN202 Laboratory Reaction SystemsSystem design aspects for batch, semi-batch, and continuous flow mode reactors
TN203 pH Measurement in Pressure VesselspH Measurement to 500 psi and 135 °C
TN204 Hydrometallurgical ApplicationsCharacteristics of Pressure Reactor Systems used for Hydrometallurgy Extractions
TN205 Sample VesselsSample Vessels for Liquid or Vapor Samples at 3000 psi (200 bar) at Temperatures to 300 °C
TN206 Temperature Limits of High Temperature SystemsFactors that determine the Maximum Allowable Working Temperature in Reactors
TN208 Trademarks and AlloysDesignations, Trade Names, and Ordering Information for Alloys
TN209 Parr Reactor Stirrer OptionsFive different types of stirring options are available for Parr Reactors
TN210 Stirrer Drives for Parr ReactorsMatching the best stirring package with your Parr Reactor and application
TN211 New Spiral StirrerAlternate Stirrer package for viscous material stirring
TN218 External Valves, Gages, and FittingsWhat options are available when stainless steel is not suitable for external parts
TN219 Excess Flow ValvesExcess flow valves are an added safety feature for gas feed lines
TN220 Bottom Drain ValvesGuide for selecting bottom drain valves
TN221 Rupture DiscsConsiderations for selection of a safety rupture disc
TN227 WindowsWindow design, ratings, and applications in Parr Reactors and Pressure Vessels
TN228 Horizontal Biomass ReactorsHorizontal reactors for stirring biomass
TN231 Liquid AgitationPower Required to Rotate an Impeller
TN232 Minimum Fluidization Velocity for Fluidized Bed ReactorsEstimating the Minimum Fluidization Velocity for a Fluidized Bed Reactor
TN233 Heat Exchangers and Pre-heatersHeat Exchangers and Pre-heaters
TN304 Parr Instrument Company CertificationsAn explanation of the principal Quality Certifications for Parr Instrument Company