High Pressure Instruments for Sustainable Research

Custom High Pressure Electrolyzer Recirculating Flow System

High Pressure Electrolyzer Cell

For electrochemical research involving carbon dioxide and water reduction.

Tri-Axial Core Holder

Tri-Axial Core Holder

For studies involving fluid displacement in porous media including:

  • CO2 capture and storage (CCS)
  • gas and liquid permeability
  • formation damage
  • porosity
  • relative permeability

2280 Burette, 4566 Reactor with 4848 Controller, and 4878Automated Liquid Sampler

Catalyst Testing System

For sustainable chemistry research involving:

  • Catalyst screening
  • Catalyst characterization (including kinetics)
  • Product analysis (via automated sampling)

4632 Pressure Extraction Vessel

Supercritical CO2 Extraction System

For studies related to:

  • CO2 capture and storage (CCS)
  • extractions
  • nano‐particle and nano‐structured film formation
  • supercritical drying
  • enhanced oil recovery studies

4560 Mini Reactor, 300 mL, Fixed Head, Quick-Release Split Ring w/4848 Controller; Opt. Expansion Modules

High Pressure Hydrogenation Reactors

For catalytic reactions with hydrogen from laboratory to pilot scale.