Tubular Reactor with 360° Rotation

Tubular reactors are an indispensable tool for lab or pilot-scale testing. Typical applications for Parr Tubular reactors include packed bed or fixed bed reactors operated in continuous flow mode with a bed of particulate or pellet catalyst, sorbent, reactant, or other solids to enhance heat and mass transfer. Parr offers a variety of standard tubular reactors capable of high temperature, high pressure operation, including inside diameters of 0.28, 0.38, 1, and 1.44 inch (7, 10, 25, and 36 mm), and lengths of 6, 12, 24, and 36 inches (15, 30, 60, or 90 cm), with 1 to 3 independent heating zones. The reactors are typically mounted on a stand which includes a furnace, liquid and gas feed equipment, and product handling and collection equipment, fully customizable to accommodate your process. Parr can include a fixture to hang these standard reactors vertically on the side of the stand during solids loading and removal. Additionally, for the majority of reactor models Parr offers internal catalyst support spools which simplify the process of loading and securing a packed bed at a fixed axial position, especially with a centerline thermowell or thermocouple.

Parr also has experience designing and building custom tubular reactors which may be much larger than our standard models. When an unusually long or heavy tubular reactor is needed, the logistics of removing the reactor from the stand for cleaning or loading and removing catalyst or other internal packing can be daunting. Parr has designed a mechanism integrated into a custom tubular reactor stand which not only secures the reactor and furnace during operation, but makes easy work of accessing and manipulating large tubular reactors. In this design the furnace is hinged such that it easily swings out of the way. Once clear of the furnace the tubular reactor support slides out to an extended position for easier access. The tubular reactor is then easily rotated and locked securely into a upright, horizontal or inverted position. This allows easy access to the inside of the reactor for cleaning, inspection, loading of catalyst or other internals, and gravity-assisted discharge of the same.

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