Recipientes Serie 4680 High Pressure/High Temp, 1 & 1.8 Liters Especificaciones

Series 4680 Pressure Vessel Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number 4680
Approximate Volume, mL 1000 1800
Maximum Pressure (MAWP) 5000 psi (345 bar) @ 500 °C
6000 psi (413 bar) @ 350 °C
4200 psi (289 bar) @ 600 °C
Maximum Temperature
with PTFE Flat Gasket 350 °C
with Flexible Graphite Flat Gasket 500-600 °C
Vessel Details
Mounting Style Moveable or Fixed Head
Closure Split-Ring with 12 Compression Bolts
Head Opening Options One head opening (“B” socket, or rupture disc assembly port)
Ports for valve, gage, rupture disc, and thermowell with thermocouple (VGR)
Custom port option (Contact our technical sales department to discuss options)
Maximum Head Options 8 (Dependent on opening size, and required fittings)
Valve Connections 1/4″ NPT Female
Pressure Gage, Size 4.5″ Diameter
Range 0-5000 psi (345 bar) or 0-7500 psi ( 517 bar)
Temperature Measurement Thermowell
Cooling Coil (optional) Single Loop
Bottom Drain Valve (BDV) (optional) 1″ NPS
Stand with Heater (optional)
Stand Type* Floor Cart with heater (moveable head only)
Floor Stand with Pneumatic Lift and heater (fixed head)
Heater Style, Bench Top Heater Ceramic Fiber
Heater Power, Watts 2300 2500
Maximum Load, amps, 230V 10 11
*Heater watts and amps vary between different heater styles, contact Parr Technical Support for more information.
Weight & Dimensions
Cylinder I.D. x Depth, inches 3.75 x 6.12 3.75 x 10.5
Vessel Assembly w/ Moveable Head
Weight, pounds**
78 94
Vessel Assembly w/ Fixed Head
Weight, pounds**
88 104
Cylinder Weight, pounds 36 52
**Vessel weight is based on a vessel with VGR head fittings. Vessel weight will vary based on head configuration choice and fitting options.

Other options available. See Ordering Guide or call for more information.

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