3916 Schüttel-Hydrierapparate Bestellschlüssel

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3916 Ordering Guide

The 3910 Series Apparatus can be ordered under either of two catalog numbers. Model number 3911 identifies the basic apparatus without a heating mantle and without a temperature controller.  Model 3916 is the same as model 3911 except a heating mantle and a 4833 Temperature Controller are added. Two extra 500 mL reaction bottles, twelve spare bottle stoppers, and a six foot pressure hose for filling the hydrogen tank are included in both cases.

500 mL Hydrogenation Apparatus with Bottle Heater and Automatic Temperature Controller
Model No.VoltageDescription
3916EA115V 60 Hzwith standard motor
3916EF230V 50 Hzwith standard motor
3916EG115V 60 Hzwith explosion proof motor
3916EK230V 50 Hzwith explosion proof motor
3916EGX115V 60Hzwith explosion proof motor and switch
3916EKX230V 50Hzwith explosion proof motor and switch