Catalyst Loading Toolkit

Catalyst Loading Toolkit

The catalyst loading toolkit is a set of tools and support spools to facilitate loading of catalyst or other bulk solids into the annulus around the centerline thermowell of a tubular reactor and easily adjust and measure the location and length of the catalyst packing.

This toolkit helps the operator load and remove bulk solids and packing materials (such as quartz wool) within our tubular reactors at defined depths in the annulus around the centerline thermocouple. The toolkit includes equipment for holding the thermocouple centered while filling the reactor, measuring depth inside the reactor, filling open space upstream / downstream of the solids bed, and hooking quartz wool plugs for easy removal. The solids loading toolkit makes a real difference in turnaround time, accurate catalyst placement, and ease of use.

Solids Loading Toolkit for 5401 Tubular Reactor
Solids Loading Toolkit for 5401 Tubular Reactor

The toolkit includes:
A. Corkscrew tool, for removal of quartz wool from the annulus around the thermocouple
B. Funnel designed to hold centerline thermocouple centered while adding catalyst powder (designed for use with centering tool)
C. Packing rod with laser-engraved depth scale for packing quartz wool in the annulus and measuring depth during solids loading
D. Thermocouple centering tool for keeping the thermocouple or thermowell centered while loading quartz wool or solids
E. Multiple spool pieces for supporting quartz wool and decreasing residence time in areas not loaded with solids (such as the unheated zones at top and bottom of heater)

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