Serie 5500 Hochdruck-Kompaktreaktoren, 25-600 ml Specifications

Series 5500 Pressure Reactor System Specifications
Shaded bar indicates specifications that change within series.
Model Number – Moveable Vessel55115512551355215522552355245525
Approximate Volume, mL2550100300450600160100
Maximum Pressure (MAWP)3000 psi (207 bar, 200 for CE orders)
Maximum Temperature
   with FKM O-ring225 °C
   with FFKM O-ring275 °C
   with PTFE Flat Gasket350 °C
Vessel StyleMoveable
Reactor MountingCompact Bench Top
ClosureSplit-Ring (6 Compression Bolts for Flat Gasket,
no Compression Bolts for O-ring)
Valve Connections1/8″ Male NPT
   Maximum Torque2.5 Inch-Pounds (0.28 Nm)
   Impeller(s), 4 blades1 (0.81″ dia.)1 (0.81″ dia.)2 (1.38″ dia.)1 (0.81″ dia.)
Stirrer Motor1/17 hp
Pressure Gage, Size3.5 inches
   Range0-3000 psi (207 bar)
Temperature MeasurementFixed Thermocouple
Cooling CoilColdfinger (optional)Standard Single LoopSpiral (optional)
Bottom Drain Valve (BDV)N/A
Heater StyleAluminum Block (External Cooling Optional)
   Heater Power, Watts70010007001000700
Electrical Supply
Volts, AC115 / 230
Maximum Load, amps, 115 / 2308 / 410 / 58 / 410 / 58 /4
Cylinder Dimensions
I.D. x Depth, inches1.0 x 2.01.3 x 2.251.3 x 4.52.5 x 4.02.5 x 6.02.5 x 8.02.5 x 2.02.0 x 2.0
Vessel Assembly Weight, pounds1717181718201616
Cylinder Weight, pounds3.
Reactor/Stand Dimensions
Width x Depth, inches w/o Controller8.3 x 9.5
Height, inches2323252325272323
Weight, pounds2525252628302525
Spare Parts Kit5509M

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