Parr Fluidized Bed Reactor Systems

A 3-Zone Ceramic Heater, shown open, heats this 36-inch-long, 1-inch I.D. Fluidized Bed Reactor up to 900 °C, band heaters heat the closures up to 350 °C, and a flexible mantle heater (not shown) heats the cyclone separator up to 350°C. This system is also equipped with three gas feeds with automated shut-off valves, a cooling condenser, a product receiver, a back pressure regulator, and a Model 4871 Process Controller (not shown)
Fluidized Bed Reactor

In these reactors, the solids bed or catalytic particles are supported by an up flow of gas. Advantages of this reactor include easy loading and removal of catalyst, a high conversion with large throughput, tight temperature control, no hot spots in the bed, uniform catalyst distribution, and longer catalyst life.


  • Lab Scale
  • 25 mm x 1 m standard vessel geometry
  • Multiple gasses
  • Optional liquid/vapor feed
  • Customizable

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