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Large Volume Stirred Reactor Systems

Parr's new 50 L & 100 L high pressure stirred reactors are ideally suited for scale up or pilot work. The geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller Parr reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors. Custom options are available.

Manufacturing High Quality Pressure Vessels

Parr pressure vessels are manufactured in the USA in accordance with accepted codes and practices to ensure safe and high quality products. Machining pressure vessel cylinders from solid billets of raw material results in smooth vessels without seams or welds, eliminating potential sources of weakness or localized corrosion. Watch our latest video to see some of the craftsmanship that goes into building a Parr vessel.

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Parr Receives ISO 17034 Certification for Benzoic Acid

In addition to Parr Instrument Company’s existing overall Quality Assurance System under ISO 9001:2015, Parr has recently achieved ISO 17034 accreditation for the production of benzoic acid as a certified reference material. This certification shows Parr to be in compliance with ISO 17034:2016 general requirements for the competence of reference material producers by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board).

ISO 17034 certified benzoic acid is now available from Parr for your calorimetry needs. Contact your local representative or Parr Instrument Company to place your order.

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ANAB Symbol for 17034 Reference Material Producer

Service Fixtures for Parr Reactor Heads and Cylinders

Whether performing routine maintenance or replacing fittings on a Parr reactor, the task can be much easier with the use of Parr’s service fixtures.

Service fixtures allow a bench top vise to safely grasp the vessel head or cylinder to aid in assembling or disassembling reactor components. The use of service fixtures provide two important benefits:

  • Allowing the head or cylinder to be effectively secured by distributing the force of the vise around the circumference of the part
  • Minimizing the potential for marring of the outer surface of the part by the vise jaws

These devices are offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate reactors from 45 mL to two liters. Table mounted fixtures are available for larger diameter vessels.

Service Fixtures from left to right: 2584HC for 4520/4530’s, 2897HC for 5000’s and 2583HC for 4560’s
Parr Service Fixtures

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Isoperibol Jacket vs. Isoperibol Mode

6400 & 6200 Isoperibol Calorimeters
6400 & 6200 Isoperibol Calorimeters

When searching for an isoperibol calorimeter, it is important to know the difference between a calorimeter with an isoperibol jacket and one that runs in “isoperibol mode”.

The most advanced oxygen bomb calorimeters use an isoperibol water jacket. Some calorimeter manufacturers claim an “isoperibol mode” even though the calorimeter may not have an isoperibol jacket. There is a clear distinction between the two.

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Parr is open for business!

Parr Instrument Company is operating and open for business despite the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are here for sales, service, design, and manufacturing for our customers all over the world.  We are prepared for quick turn around and delivery!

The state of Illinois has a shelter-in-place order but Parr is deemed an essential business as a supplier to the critical industries of Energy, Food and Agriculture, Chemical Manufacturing, Laboratory Equipment, Nuclear Facilities, Waste Treatment, and Defense Industrial Base, and more.

We wish all of our suppliers and customers health and safety during these unprecedented difficult times.

New Continuous Flow Tubular Reactor with Touchscreen Control

Parr's new Continuous Flow Tubular Reactor with Touchscreen Control was designed with researchers in mind. In addition to accommodating Parr's standard line of 5400 Tubular Reactors, it offers a compact footprint, easy set-up, and integrated touchscreen control with alarm interlocks. Whether for production, research, or teaching unit operations, this system has an impressive collection of capabilities, all at a budget-friendly price.

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Tilt-to-Empty Feature

Emptying large high pressure reactors typically requires a bottom drain valve, which in some applications is undesirable. For researchers working with abrasive slurries, biomass particles or other materials incompatible with bottom drain valves Parr has developed a "Tilt-to-Empty" feature.

Parr Introduces New A2000G High Pressure Electrolyzer Cell

For electrochemical research involving carbon dioxide and water reduction.

A2000G Electrolyzer Assembly
A2000G Electrolyzer Assembly

Over the past decade, increasing interest has been directed towards utilizing carbon dioxide in generating liquid fuels and chemicals as a means to a sustainable, carbon-neutral based economy. The production of either carbon monoxide (CO) or synthesis gas (syngas), a combination of CO and H2, electrochemically from CO2 and H2O is an attractive option combining sustainable energy utilization and carbon recycling.

The new Parr A2000G High Pressure Electrolyzer Cell provides a unique and reliable hardware platform with many options for facilitating research in this area. The electrolyzer cell has a maximum working pressure of 10 MPa (1450 psi) at 200 °C. It is designed for quick assembly and reassembly. The flow-thru electrolyzer cell adopts a unique circular planar design for the titanium cathode flow field and the corresponding 316 Stainless Steel anode flow field. Other materials of construction are available.

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Parr Introduces New 50 & 100 L Stirred Reactors

50 L Stirred Reactor System
50 L Stirred Reactor System

Series 8500 Floor Stand Stirred Reactors

Parr Instrument Company is excited to announce a new series of large capacity, high pressure stirred reactors. The 50 L and 100 L models of the new 8500 Series expand the available volume of our standard offering by more than five times, while retaining the easy-to-use features our customers have come to expect from Parr.

Ideally suited for scale up or pilot work, the geometry, features, and operation are very similar to that of smaller Parr reactors, but with a volume intermediate between lab-scale and traditional production scale stirred reactors.

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