Vessel Heaters

New Style Heater for Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels
New Style Heater for Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

Electric heaters and automatic temperature controllers are available for most all Parr non-stirred vessels. Some small vessels are generally heated in an oven, bath, furnace or similar general purpose heater. The heaters furnished for non-stirred vessels are the same as those furnished for the stirred versions of the same size vessels. A full description of the different types of heaters is found on our Heater Options section. The catalog number of the standard heater designed for each of the non-stirred vessels is listed in the specifications for each vessel.

Custom heaters are also available for these vessels when it is necessary to meet explosion proof requirements, to accommodate installed windows or fittings, or to convert to a welded jacket for steam or oil heating.

Vessel Heaters
Heater No.Use with VesselVoltsWattsHeater StyleHeater Mounting
A2230HCEB / A2230HCEE115 / 230510Rigid MantleRigid MantleBench Top
A2230HC2EB / A2230HC2EE4762, 4763, 4767115 / 230590Rigid MantleBench Top
A2230HC3EB / A2230HC3EE4764, 4765, 4768115 / 230780Rigid MantleBench Top
A2235HCEB / A2235HCEE4772 thru 4777115 / 230500Clamp-On Band HeaterBench Top
4961EB / 4961EE4760(FH), 4761(FH), 4766(FH)115 / 230510Rigid MantleBench Top
4962EB / 4962EE4762(FH), 4763(FH), 4767(FH)115 / 230590Rigid MantleBench Top
4963EB / 4963EE4764(FH), 4765(FH), 4768(FH)115 / 230780Rigid MantleBench Top
4961HTEB / 4961HTEE4760HT(FH), 4761HT(FH), 4766HT(FH)115 / 230800Ceramic FiberBench Top
4962HTEB / 4962HTEE4762HT(FH), 4763HT(FH), 4767HT(FH)115 / 230800Ceramic FiberBench Top
4963HTEB / 4963HTEE4764HT(FH), 4765HT(FH), 4768HT(FH)115 / 2301100Ceramic FiberBench Top
A2235HCEB / A2235HCEE4772 thru 4777115 / 230500Clamp-On Band HeaterBench Top
A2236HCEB / A2236HCEE4791 thru 4792115 / 230700Clamp-On Band HeaterBench Top
A2237HCEB / A2237HCEE4793115 / 230350Rigid MantleBench Top
4991EB / 4991EE4791HT/HP(FH), 4792HT/HP(FH)115 / 230700Ceramic FiberBench Top
4992EB / 4992EE4793HT/HP(FH)115 / 230700Ceramic FiberBench Top
4914EB / 4914EE4600 Series (600 mL/1000 mL)115 / 2301000CalrodBench Top
4913EB / 4913EE4600 Series (1200 mL/2000 mL)115 / 2301500CalrodBench Top
4930EB4601 thru 4626 (600 mL/1000 mL/1200 mL/2000 mL)1151000CalrodFloor Stand / Cart
4930EE4601 thru 4626 (600 mL/1000 mL/1200 mL/2000 mL)2301500CalrodFloor Stand / Cart
4941EB / 4941EE4600 Series(FH) (600 mL/1000 mL)115 / 2301000CalrodBench Top
4942EB / 4942EE4600 Series (FH)(1200 mL/2000 mL)115 / 2301500CalrodBench Top
4943EB / 4943EE4600 Series (FH) (600 mL/1000 mL)115 / 2301000CalrodFloor Stand
4944EB / 4944EE4600 Series (FH) (1200 mL/2000 mL)115 / 2301500CalrodFloor Stand
4945EB / 4945EE4600 Series (FH) (1200 mL)115 / 2301500CalrodFloor Stand w/Lift
4923EB / 4923EE4651, 4652115 / 2301500CeramicBench Top
4926EE46532302800CeramicBench Top
4951EB / 4951EE4651(FH), 4652(FH)115 / 2301500CeramicBench Top
4928EE4661, 46622302250CalrodFloor Stand / Cart
4929EE4665, 46662302750CalrodFloor Stand / Cart
4971EE4661(FH), 4662(FH)2302250CalrodFloor Stand w/Lift
4972EE4665(FH), 4666(FH)2302700CalrodFloor Stand w/Lift
4975EE4678, 46792302500Flexible MantleFloor Stand w/Hoist
4976EE4676, 46772302500Flexible MantleFloor Stand w/Hoist
4977EE4678(FH), 4679(FH)2303600Flexible MantleFloor Stand w/Hoist
4978EE4676(FH), 4677(FH)2306000Flexible MantleFloor Stand w/Hoist
4933EE4671, 46722302800CeramicCart
4934EE4673, 46742302800CeramicCart
4973EE4671(FH), 4672(FH)2302800CeramicFloor Stand w/Lift
4974EE4673(FH), 4674(FH)2302800CeramicFloor Stand w/Lift
4931EE4680, 46812302300CeramicCart
4932EE4682, 46832302300CeramicCart
4981EE4680(FH), 4681(FH)2302300CeramicCart
4982EE4682(FH), 4683(FH)2302300CeramicCart
Alternate Fixed Head Stands/Heater are available on request.