Liquid Charging Pipettes

A2113HC Liquid Charging Pipette
Series A2113HC Liquid Charging Pipette

To introduce liquids into reactors or vessels at elevated pressures, the most economical way is to use a pressure pipette as a secondary vessel.  These are often used for liquid addition to a batch process.  Liquid is forced into the reactor from the pipette by applying gas pressure to the pipette greater than the pressure within the vessel.    If the passages in the connecting line are large enough, slurries or catalyst suspensions can also be charged into the reactor in this manner.  The pipettes listed below offer a choice of volumes and are rated for pressures to 1800 psi.  They include a nitrogen filling connection for attachment to a nitrogen tank.More elaborate pipette systems can be assembled to special order to include additional fittings, such as a pressure gage for the pipette, a pressure relief valve or a large opening ball valve. Special pipettes can also be furnished for higher pressures to 5000 psi.

Liquid Charging Pipettes
Part No. Pipette Volume, mL Pressure, Rating. psi
A2113HC3 50 1800
A2113HC4 150 1800
A2113HC 300 1800
A2113HC2 1000 1800
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