Quartz Liner for the 1108 Oxygen Bomb

For Determining Trace Elements in Combustible Samples

513A Quartz Liner
513A Quartz Liner

Trace elements in coal, oil and other combustible samples are readily determined by AA or ICP spectroscopy following combustion in an oxygen bomb. However, trace amounts of heavy metals leached from the bomb walls and electrodes during combustion can cause problems. This can be avoided by using a platinum-lined bomb, but a platinum lining is expensive. As an alternate, Parr offers a quartz liner for the 1108 Bomb that does not provide the full protection of platinum, but is, nevertheless, an effective substitute. In this arrangement the burning sample comes in contact with only the quartz liner and platinum electrodes. Reprints of papers describing the successful use of an 1108 Bomb with quartz liner for trace analysis by AA spectroscopy are available from Parr.

The Quartz Parts

The 513A Quartz Liner for the 1108 Bomb consists of a quartz cup, 61 mm diameter x 86 mm deep, with a 514A Flat Quartz Cover. Holes are provided in the cover for inserting platinum electrodes which support a fused silica sample cup and a short platinum fuse wire. All of the parts needed for adding this liner are provided in the 1912 Quartz Liner Conversion Set.

1912 Quartz Liner
Qty Part Description
1 513A Quartz Liner
1 514A Quartz Cover
1 4AFB Platinum Electrode
1 5AFB Platinum Electrode
2 68AC Lock Nut, T303SS
1 45C3 Platinum Fuse Wire, 300 cm
4 43A3 Fused Silica Combustion Capsule

Users who do not have an 1108 Vessel should order the 1911 Oxygen Vessel Apparatus which provides a vessel complete with a quartz liner and all accessories.

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1912 Conversion set for adding a quartz liner to an 1108 Oxygen Vessel